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Android App Development

Improve your career options by learning Android app Development. Master Android Studio and build your first app today

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Skills you will learn

  • Create complicated, production-ready Java Android apps.

  • Create a stunning CV to present to potential companies.

  • Make amazing Android Apps

  • Master the Java Programming Language.

  • Bring your own innovative app ideas to life.

  • Create Professional level JAVA Applications

  • Build an Android Apps Using Firebase.

Technologies you'll Master

We have designed this course as per the Industry requirements. In this course, you will gain practical experience and learn various tools based on the most recent technologies, such as: SqlLite, kotlin, XML,Android Studio, Java, FireBase, and much more..


Course Journey

Phase 1

Video Lectures & Live Classes

Dive into 100+ video lectures to build strong foundation starting from the very basics to advanced levels. 24/7 learning support from industry experts to clear up any conceptual doubts.

Phase 2

Focus on projects

Capstone projects using real-world data sets with virtual labs for practical training.

Phase 3

Resume building, Mock interviews

Learn to make ATS-proof Latex Resume to get in eyes of the Recruiter easily. Get trained by experts, clear mock tests and Comp-coding rounds to get ready for Interviews.

Phase 4

Internship & Placement

Get the required pre job experience to make your profile stand out. Make your dream of working in the tech company of your choices true with 100% assured placements.

Who will teach?

Jyoti Sharma

Jyoti Sharma

4.4 Reviews
OK Google, Amazoon
B.Tech & M.Tech Computer Science at NIT Kurukshetra (Department Ranker 1, CGPA: 9.8) with experience in Android App Development and Machine Learning. I am highly enthusiastic about learning and teaching cutting-edge technologies. My interests include Teaching, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Problem Solving. Worked at Infoedge(Naukri), Ok Google, and got offers from various tech companies including Adobe, UrbanCompany, etc, I would love to create more developers by imparting what I know. Happy learning to all the students


15 hours

47 Topic

  • Android Course Introduction
    • Course Introduction Preview
    • Course Walkthrough Preview
    • What Is Android App Development
    • Why Android App Development
    • How To Do Android App Development
  • Android Studio: Download and Install
    • Introduction About AndroidStudio
    • Download Android Studio
    • Install Android Studio
  • Android Studio: Overview
    • Creating A New Project In Android
    • Editor Overview
    • The Three Main Folders
    • Creating New Files
  • Android Studio : Running Applications
    • Running Application On AVD And PhysicalDevice
    • Showing The Application On Phone
    • Syntax Errors And TODOs
    • Logtag
  • Quiz: Android Studio
    • Android Studio Quiz
  • Making First Android App : Buttons and EditText
    • Buttons Introduction
    • Edit Text Introduction
    • Login Screen Using EditText And Buttons
  • Making First Android App: Toast and Snackbar
    • Displaying Messages Using Toast And Snackbar
    • Snackbar With Action Button
    • Combining Edittext With Toast And Snackbar
  • Making First Android App: ImageViews
    • ImageView
    • ImageView Task With Button
    • ImageView Tags
  • Making First Android App : Temperature Converter Project
    • Make Your Own First Full Application Challenge
    • Temperature Converter Application
  • Quiz: Making First Android App
    • Making your first Android App
  • Live Class : Live Project
    • Currency Convertor App
  • All About Java: Hello World Example
    • Introduction About Java Section
    • Hello world java
    • Hello World Java Explained
    • Hello World Code Link
  • All About Java: Variables and DataTypes
    • Variables And Types Names
    • DataTypes
    • Hands On Variables And Types
    • Variables And Types Code Link
  • All About Java: Arrays
    • Arrays With Challenge
    • Arrays Code
  • All About java: ArrayList
    • ArrayList With Challenge
    • ArrayList Code
  • All About Java: HashMaps
    • Hashmaps With Challenge
    • HashMap Code
  • All About Java: If Else
    • If Else Java
    • If Else Code
  • Project: Guess Game
    • Guess Game Android App Challenge
    • Guess The Number Game
  • All About Java: Loops in Java
    • Loops In Java
    • Loops In Java Code
  • All About Java: Classes and Object
    • Classes And Objects
    • Classes And Objects Code
  • Project: Fibonacci Perfect Square App
    • Fibonacci Square Numbers Example
    • Fibonacci Perfect Square Code
    • Fibonacci Perfect Square Android App
  • Quiz: All About Java
    • Quiz: All about Java
  • Layouts And UI Components
    • Introduction To Layouts And UI Components
    • About Layouts
    • Customizing Action Bar
    • Webviews
  • Images Media Videos Sound Android : Layouts and Animations
    • About Layouts
    • Fading Animation
    • Various ImageView Animations
    • Introduction To Images Video Audio Section
  • Challenge: Perfect Tic Tac Toe
    • Challenge Perfect TicTacToe
    • Layout File TicTacToe
    • Java File TicTacToe
  • Images Media Videos Sound Android : Videos and Audios
    • Videos Raw And Youtube
    • Audios Raw And Url With Net Permissions
  • Counting App Challenge
    • Counting App Challenge
    • Counting App Code
  • Activities And Fragments
    • Activities
    • About Fragments
    • Fragments Demo
    • Introduction To Activities And Fragments
  • Intents in Android
    • What Are Intents?
    • Implicit Intents Demo
    • Explicit Intents Demo
    • Introduction To Intents And Manifest
  • About Android Manifest
    • Android Manifest File
  • Quiz: Android Components
    • Android Components Quiz
  • ListViews and RecyclerViews
    • ListView RecyclerView Introduction
    • ListViews Working Example
    • Recycler Views
    • Introduction To Advanced Concepts In Android
  • Tables App Challenge
    • Tables App Challenge
    • Tables App Code
  • Show Hide Challenge
    • Show Hide Challenge
    • Show Hide Element
  • Project: Maths Quiz Game
    • Maths Quiz Game Challenge
    • Maths Quiz Game Frontend
    • Maths Quiz Game Backend
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling In Java
    • Exception Handling Code
  • Background Tasks using AsyncTask
    • Background Task Asynctask
    • Asynctask Download Image
    • Asynctask Download Task Android Code
  • JSON and its importance
    • API Introduction
    • What Is JSON?
    • Asynctask JSON Coding
  • Project: News App
    • Get Latest News App Challenge
    • News App Code
  • Storing Data using Shared Preference
    • Introduction To Shared Preference
    • Shared Preference Login App Coding
    • Introduction To Data Storage
  • Storing data: SQLite Database
    • Introduction To SQLite Database
    • SQLite Example Android
  • Project: News App with Database
    • News App with DB Challenge
    • News App With DB And WebviewsCode
  • Quiz: Advanced Android Components
    • Advanced Android Components Quiz
  • Project Fb, Insta, Twitter Clone: Firebase Setup
    • Introduction To Capstone Projects
    • Setting Up Firebase
  • Project FB, Twitter, Insta Clone: Login Signup
    • Login Singup
  • Project FB, Twitter, Insta Clone: Firebase Realtime DB
    • Firebase Realtime DB Setup- Reading and Writing
  • Project FB, Twitter, Insta Clone: Follow Unfollow Realtime
    • Follow Unfollow Realtime

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